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You might have done your own research about your chances of success for Canada immigration. If you are not sure that you do qualify then fill up our online assessment form.

The Canadian Immigration application process is fairly complex and lengthy. It requires the preparation of several application forms, the accumulation of numerous identity, educational and professional documents as well as medical and police certificates. This information must be drafted and packaged in a comprehensive manner acceptable to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Once we have made our final determination that you qualify for Canada immigration, we will require our legal retainer fee. Upon receipt of the fee, we will provide you access to our online processing system including all immigration forms and detailed list of documents and materials we will require to properly draft your immigration application. The legal retainer fee will be held in our company VisaOne Canada’s trust account pending submission of your immigration application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If you are confident that you do qualify then we can help you get started without wasting any more time. To start your immigration application, please complete your contact information below.

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